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Xining 6 billion 200 million yuan medical reform funds to benefit people

Xining medical reform work adhere to the "basic, strong grass building mechanism, the principle of human resources, work hard, make difficult and expensive and other issues have been effectively relieve

drug zero profit cumulative profit of 112 million yuan patients

in recent years, medical insurance has become a hot topic of the public, along with the proposed measures to improve the health insurance, Medicare has been encouraged by the initial insured, became active insurance. With health care, people see a doctor in the heart more practical. Xining citizens Li Guoliang calculations, in 2014, his mother was admitted to a hospital because of fractures, because the mother has workers health insurance, hospital discharge settlement, he only dig 232 yuan.

in recent years, Xining city to achieve the health insurance of urban and rural residents and municipal planning, urban and rural residents per capita Medicare funding criteria from 2009 of 220 yuan and 154.3 yuan to 550 yuan, workers, urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical insurance rate reached 99.2%, 99.8% and 99.6% respectively, the universal health care system basically established. Urban and rural residents in three, two, a designated medical institutions hospitalization reimbursement ratio reached 70%, 80% and 90%, the establishment of urban and rural residents illness insurance and medical disease emergency rescue system, alleviate the burden of medical insurance, basic medical needs of disadvantaged groups.

in order to effectively solve difficult problems, beds, Xining city to accelerate the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, the implementation of separation to separate affairs separate, separate pharmaceutical, for-profit and nonprofit public hospitals at the county level, the city’s 14 city, all included in the scope of the comprehensive reform, to achieve full coverage of the reform. As of the end of 2014, the city’s non-public medical institutions reached 52, accounting for the total number of medical institutions, the number of beds in the number of 1449, accounting for the city’s medical institutions, the number of beds prepared by 21% of the number of 37%.

in medicine, Xining city to break the "yaobu" old mechanism at all levels of the city’s public hospitals and primary health care institutions to implement all the basic drugs lingchalv system, only the zero profit drug cumulative benefit patients 112 million yuan. The consolidation of the new comprehensive reform and operation mechanism of basic health, rural doctors annual income reached twenty thousand yuan, higher than the provincial average level, "Wangde" have been further consolidated.

special service to become the hospital brand

environment has changed, the service has improved, more and more people are willing to go to the municipal hospital at home to see a doctor. Last year, Xining public hospitals at all levels to carry out the five free ten minus and the convenience of the service measures, the social credibility of the medical industry to further improve the 26.

can not be out of the hospital will be able to balance the cost of hospitalization, doctors and nurses in the hands of mobile rounds, mobile nursing records of the entire treatment process, greatly reducing the error rate. In Xining, the first implementation of the first hospitalization settlement new model of medical services, there have been 250 thousand people benefit. Municipal 5 public hospitals were carried out at noon clinic, the province’s most clean hospital, outpatient service demonstration window for the content of the "one hospital;


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