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Spring grass playing the symphony of love in the car

Time is the twelfth lunar month twenty-eight, the air is full of strong flavor. Late 8:25, Xining railway station waiting hall packed, packed with passengers everywhere.There are more than and 50 minutes away from the

K9803 train driving time, eager visitors can’t wait, in 2 wicket long queues in front of. Late 8:40, reporters follow the crowd stop. On the train, the reporter saw in addition to the 8 hard seat carriage full of staff, 8 hard seat carriage, only 2 cars full, the remaining cars were all empty. A conductor told reporters that this time period, from Golmud to Xining is hard to get a vote, and from Xining to relatively easy to some. The festival is just the reverse, every year is the law.

reporter on the platform to see the train conductor Hou Baoxia. Chat rooms, she saw a female passenger on crutches helped his family hard to move the car 11, immediately stepped forward to ask. Learned that the passenger injured his spine due to a car accident, to the year before the disease is not good, had to return to Golmud for the new year. Hou Baoxia immediately after the train attendant and a simple discussion, the passenger berth from the middle of the sleeper to adjust to the location near the toilet, so as to facilitate her toilet. After that, she repeatedly told the passenger’s family, there is a need to help inform the staff of this car.

a conductor introduction, this thing is too much for the conductor, but also very common. But every member of the train carefully with love moves, all touched the passengers.

then, the reporter in the 16 hard seat car to see, Hou Baoxia and duty officer is a careful look at the just received the conventional and emergency medicine, Song Tieli. They have available Kyushin Pills, quick cold capsule, children only paste, carsick medicine and prevent altitude sickness medicine, classify them after the summary. They say, sometimes in the course of the train running, especially in the evening, if there is a sudden illness passengers, these drugs are emergency drugs or life-saving drugs. In the 15 hard seat car, the reporter saw the conductor was carrying a kettle to each passenger pour boiling water. In 12, a conductor, as usual, took out the sewing kit to facilitate the passengers in need. In the No. 14 car, a train attendant was posted long train mobile phone publicity card, she said that each car has such a contact card, because it is convenient for each passenger in the first time to find the conductor, but also one of the measures for the convenience of train.

late at night, the passengers have already fallen asleep. The train has crossed the Tianjun Guan Guan tunnel, all the way forward…… At this point, Hou Baoxia and colleagues are installed in each compartment just received U shaped anti-collision rubber. She said that the most important function is to prevent the installation of the rubber door to squeeze the hands of passengers. Then she went to the 12 car, and his colleagues with the "Friends of the elderly", children’s books and other books and children’s toys in the park. She said, don’t underestimate these toys, sometimes some children always crying by car for a long time, these toys coax will be better. (author: Chen Jun)



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