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Late at night environmental law enforcement in action

21:50 on May 20th, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau law enforcement officers fully equipped for 20. At this point, the environmental protection of the 110 phone calls kept ringing. 22 o’clock, "departure!" The order, law enforcement officers divided driving in the night.

subsequently, Xining in 2009 during the opening of the college entrance examination noise pollution inspection kicked off.

time: 22:10

location: East District of Bayi Road construction site on the south side of Zhou Jia quan.

night wind blowing, concrete mixer busy with work, large trucks filled with soil is going to the outside, the roar of the machine in the evening seems more strident, more than a dozen workers are busy living.

"it’s too noisy for the old man and the baby to sleep well." "As soon as the machine is opened, our houses are shaking." Dozens of residents in the construction site to reflect the situation of environmental law enforcement officers.

"where is the person in charge of the construction unit?" Law enforcement officers asked.

"don’t know." The workers present answer.

was silent for a few minutes later, in front of the construction site of the wall, law enforcement officers found the answer: here is the construction site of the Yellow River fan District 1 building, the construction unit is Jiangsu Hanzhoung Construction Group Co. ltd..

in the face of this, law enforcement officers asked to stop construction, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law on the prevention and control of environmental noise pollution, the City Environmental Protection Bureau instructed the party to give the appropriate administrative punishment. Time: 23:40

location: mutual Lane West Gate commercial plaza construction site

an excavator is working, large trucks parked on the construction site, the harsh machine roar broke the silence of the night.

a person surnamed Li said on the site, due to the construction of the surrounding rock lane in the past to bring a lot of inconvenience to pedestrians, in order to eliminate security risks, can only work overtime in the evening.

after the construction side of the interpretation of law enforcement officers out of the Xining Municipal People’s Government on the implementation of the limit control of noise during the college entrance examination in the notice, carefully explained the notice of the contents and requirements of the construction site to stop construction. If it is necessary for special reasons must be at night, in the construction unit to limit the operation time and take appropriate measures to reduce noise, the premise;


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