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Catering business to understand its fundamental good to do

no matter what kind of era will come, as long as there is the existence of people who have to survive, to eat, eat must have a market. The existence and development of the market, but also rely on people. Xiao Bian think everything is thinking, so is the catering business, seek development in thinking and action to the boundless plain sailing.

no matter at any time and any place, is located the restaurant the first thing to do, do what grade of the restaurant, for those consumers, what are the key products and so on, these are the need to consider the restaurant location, different location, directly affect the consumer groups and the mode of operation.

to the restaurant location, usually the first to be analyzed is to think of the market, such as the "country of eight" after the introduction of high-end restaurants have a big impact, while the low-end is almost not affected, so in general the restaurant for the mass consumer groups affected by the economic situation, policy is very small, while the high-end restaurant instability. Of course, the location of the restaurant is also based on the main products to be carried out, the main product is tofu brain, it certainly can not be positioned as a high-end lunch staple, as you are difficult to eat on the roadside stalls to eat steak.

finally, the most important point is the location for different groups of people, 80 after 90 consumer attitudes, favorite products, generally accepted way of marketing and so on, must be after 70 and 60 are very different after, when facing different consumer groups, restaurant products, environment and service methods due to the need of different crowd positioning.

of course, the restaurant of population subdivision although very important, but not too many limitations, from the recent theme restaurant "death", too much for a group, their very potential customers forever separate, is not conducive to the development of the restaurant. Catering, are always the people dining, and cultural development of our people, the popular

is the best!

must first be clear that different products, different positioning, different requirements for the site, you have to do a good job positioning and products, and then consider the location of the problem. If your location is white-collar business fast, so be sure to get near the office workers or more places to shop; as your location is the elderly early, so the store needs to be selected in the community around, it is best to do community store; if you want to do the "club" wind of the shop, then you need to consider young people after work favorite gathering place, such as "long ago" nightclub style decoration, very suitable for young people to work together after dinner on line, so the "long ago" shops are often selected in the "chowhound Street" of course there are nearby, near the white-collar work in the District, and it stores five p.m. after the start of business.

most cities in China now, it seems that all


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