Open home imported snacks store risk

for imported snacks, and now the market demand is very large, the development of good market, this is a fact that many people are recognized, but this does not mean that the business will not have the risk of such business. Although some companies claim to attract others to join the food imported snack shop has 40% of profits, and the good momentum of development, but still find many small problems. In a snack shop, see the store half of the candy sales hit 40 percent off, picked up the candy look, found that many are close to the shelf life, because the weather is hot, some candy already feels weak.

an industry source, although from the outside, the profit margins of imported food is large, but the investment in imported snacks such as the risk is not small.

first, although the price of imported snacks than domestic products, but its profit margins did not imagine the big. In order to ensure the customers, the shop location in downtown or downtown area, shops rent input than the general store high.

secondly, as the imported snack bar is still in its infancy, facing the competition in the supermarket. Bustling areas generally have a large supermarket, many supermarkets have begun to set up a monopoly area of imported food, so that the competition is relatively large, the import of snack shops is difficult to form a stable consumer groups.

again, in order to guarantee the supply and reduce the cost of imported snacks shop is usually large purchase, but some imported food from production to the shelves, the fastest to one or two months, sometimes slow on the way to go for half a year, coupled with the hot weather and other reasons, the storage cost and increasing the goods. Moreover, once the snack is not subject to customer tastes, sales do not go on, it is difficult to maintain the business.

almost no business is not a risk, so that, although the import snacks store is indeed a good room for unlimited development, but the risk is still there. In short, although the profits of imported snack shops, but the risk is not small. In the operation of imported snack shop to step by step, appropriate promotion, help to maintain the stability of the imported snack shop sales, improve the imported snack shop popularity, can let the imported snacks have a stable earning potential.


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