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Google is building its own green offices in Mountain View

first_imgIngenhoven’s Oeconomicum University, DusseldorfGoogle is an expanding company and continues to need more space for its growing influx of new employees. In some instances that additional space is acquired with the purchase of a building, such as the recent 111th 8th Avenue building in Manhattan which cost the company a cool $1.9 billion.That may be the best solution away from its main headquarters, but when it comes to expanding the company presence in Mountain View, Google has decided on a self-build solution.Rather than look for an appropriate building, or pay someone else to create a typical new office space, Google is going green and designing a brand new building from scratch. It is being aided by the German architecture firm Ingenhoven Architects who are well known for producing sustainable and ecologically oriented constructions such as the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg.Ingenhoven’s Daniel Swarovski Corporation, ZurichThe area they have to work with is around 600,000 square meters on a 9.4 acre piece of land by Shoreline Boulevard Google just paid $30 million to lease. The brief is for Ingenhoven to design the greenest building they can taking into consideration Google’s requirements. Construction of the new building is expected to commence next year.Read more at Mercury NewsMatthew’s OpinionThis could turn out to be the most ecologically-friendly tech headquarters on the planet. You’ve take an architecture firm with a lot of experience and awards for producing sustainable structures, and combine that with Google who has been pushing green tech for years. Together, they may even produce a carbon-negative construction.So what can we expect to see? Solar energy will most likely feature, as will a building that reacts to the weather conditions. The materials will be both sustainable and energy efficient allowing for a constant pleasant working temperature inside reagardless of what happens outside. And although Google isn’t big on flashy designs, we suspect this building is going to be something memorable to look at like many of Ingenhoven’s others structures.The only surprising thing here is Google renting rather than buying the land. We don’t know the length of the lease, but if you are going to undertake such a build it makes sense to own the land it sits on. Saying that, the investment required to purchase rather than lease may have been way too high to make it the right decision to take.last_img


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