Three iPhone 5 concepts ahead of their time

first_imgBloggers and tech journalists have been brimming with iPhone 5 concepts for quite some time now. From an edge-to-edge display to a slide-out keyboard, the ideas have been endless, if slightly offbeat in some cases. The fine folks at Aatma Studio have put together a small video highlighting some intriguing, but highly unlikely iPhone 5 concepts.The ultra-thin design has been a long-rumored feature of the next iPhone. Based in part on supposed leaked images from China, the thinner form factor would set it apart from its thicker Android brethren. Of course, this design concept doesn’t seem that farfetched, but it’s just a bit too thin for what we deem possible with current electronics manufacturing considering all the components that need to fit inside. The edge-to-edge display, however, is likely.While very cool, the laser keyboard would be a very difficult feature to properly execute. It would also be a huge drain on battery life which is one of Apple’s strengths across its iDevices. Judging from the video, it would most likely require a completely flat surface and it doesn’t seem at all that practical. The side-projector module would probably run counter to Apple’s design.The holographic display is way ahead of its time. In the video, it’s unclear exactly how it would work. The user does the multitouch gesture for enlarging an image, but how the video makes the jump from screen to air is a mystery. Many may be displeased with the idea of being able to see what’s behind the holographic display along with the intended image. I don’t think technology is currently at the point where this could be included without a hitch.The iPhone 5 is on the horizon. Apple could very well upset every prediction. Despite the improbability of some of the features in the video, the real-estate of a laser keyboard could prove beneficial for large-handed folk like me. We won’t hold our breath for any of these features being announced at the iPhone 5 launch, though.last_img


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