How to do promotion

how to promote sales, which is often a direct impact on the development of a store business. So, if you want to shop better performance, naturally also need to do a good job in sales promotion. And whether it is a grocery store, or a large supermarket, we are very careful promotion, in the severe economic situation is even more so. I think the promotion and promotion of goods need to change.

first, I will sell the flour, cooking oil, toilet paper and other goods sold at a low price. Because it is a necessity of life, every time this time, the store’s single product sales are very prosperous. This conforms to the principle of small profits but quick turnover.

secondly, I use the method of tie-in promotion, from time to time to change with the goods. For example, buy a cigarette to send a lighter or a pack of paper towels, buy a bottle of edible oil to send a bottle of mineral water, etc., although these small promotions seemingly humble, but can firmly grasp the customer’s heart.

third, for drinks or beverages of new goods, I will consult manufacturers salesman in the promotion, recommended these goods, they offer gifts. This will not only be able to get good results, you can also take this opportunity to understand the customer’s recognition of these new products, to facilitate the subsequent orders and sales.

how to carry out promotional work is more effective, this is a question of any one of the owners are thinking, and the above simple introduction to the three points, retail customers may wish to use as a reference. In short, the store business is good, in the current business market, but with the promotion has a very close relationship oh.


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