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Basketball Pro Suspended When Drug Test Revealed He Was Pregnant

first_img ‘NBA 2K20’ Reveals Star-Studded Story ModeNothin’ But Net for Toyota’s Guinness Record-Winning Basketball Bot Stay on target Randomized drug testing is a fact of life for professional athletes. They’re supposed to ensure a level playing field by exposing cheaters… but there are always some who figure they can beat the system.A quick word of advice for would-be cheats: make sure you borrow urine from someone who’s a close match. For example, no man should ever hand in a sample that tests positive for pregnancy hormones.D.J. Cooper may have missed that memo. The former Ohio University standout was recently slapped with a 2-year ban by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) when his drug test results revealed that he was pregnant.Former Ohio star DJ Cooper failed a FIBA drug test by using his pregnant girlfriend’s urine https://t.co/BkkNdqXI6D— Sports Illustrated (@SInow) August 5, 2019Cooper tested positive for human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG. hCG is produced by the placenta and it starts as soon as a fertilized egg attaches to the uterus. You don’t need a fancy drug testing setup to find hCG in urine. A take-home pregnancy test will spot it.Fertilized eggs, uteri, placentas, and hCG are not generally things that are found in a human male.No, Cooper was not moonlighting as a research scientist who wanted to personally test a fertility drug he created. He was just bad at cheating and got the ‘clean’ urine he provided to FIBA’s testers from his girlfriend, who apparently didn’t realize she was pregnant at the time.The cat’s definitely out of the bag at this point, what with news of the Cooper’s botched cheating attempt popping up all over the Internet.But maybe Cooper was never trying to beat the drug test in the first place. Maybe — just maybe — he already knew his girlfriend was pregnant and cooked up an extremely elaborate plan to reveal the news to her… and it just happened to go completely off the rails and turn into the media spectacle we have now.More on Geek.com:Nothin’ But Net for Toyota’s Guinness Record-Winning Basketball BotNBA’s App-Controlled ‘Smart Jersey’ Can Change Your Player Name and NumberWatch: Runner Goes ‘Full Superman’ at Finish Line to Win Racelast_img


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