Where is the toy shop

in order to operate a fun shop should pay attention to the site, in fact, choose the right address is really important. So the toy store should choose where to operate it? This is a lot of entrepreneurs should carefully consider the issue, the article describes the appropriate location of the shop.

theaters and other public places of entertainment around the shop for a gift shop; target customers are young people, couples, this population consumption ability is very strong. And the consumption of randomness is relatively large, usually on where to buy where to go, so the store decoration must be visible, and with posters, posters, brochures and other series of promotions, product category should be widely. High school low-end price has its consumer groups, the key is to make the theme of the characteristics.

below world business network to the age for example for your division area:

0-3 years of age. General baby shop decoration is more upscale, customer groups are mainly young parents or grandparents, etc.. These customers are very demanding on product quality and safety is the first consideration. Therefore, the products should be paid attention to packaging, in the high-end brand toys. To provide a complete three certificates and other documents.

kindergartens and nurseries around the shop:

3-6 years old. Target customers are kindergarten children as well as the transfer of parents, mostly grandparents, parents of the smaller proportion. Under normal circumstances, the child is willing to buy, and adults in general circumstances will allow, so the product should be based on the child’s vision should prevail in the end price based. With some children loved the animation class theme.

7-13 years old. Target customers are primary school students and parents come to pick up. In the majority of grandparents, the smaller proportion of parents. Because of the herd mentality of this age group, the trend is very important. Yo yo, flash and other popular toys occupy a large proportion of. The game is also beginning to spread. Low price products.

middle school around the shop:

13-18 years old. Target customers are junior high school students, high school students. Students at this stage of the herd mentality still exists, but the individual began to sprout and grow. Vent class, leisure class toys occupy the mainstream, along with the enhancement of the ability to make friends, will choose some better packaging, fashion, unique gift as a gift to each other..

around the University store:


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