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Do you have the qualifications of the purchase of Fuzhou 27 home buyers suffered double limit

prices in the market is hot for all of us to see, in the face of rising house prices, in the face of serious inflation, the relevant local governments have also taken positive measures. Fuzhou to restart the purchase of credit limit ", let a woman be caught off guard the public. In September this year, she set the Cangshan real estate, Binhai ·, orange in a commercial housing, paid a deposit, the first payment, a total of 270 thousand yuan. But because houses still have not signed a contract unresolved charge. Do you still have the qualifications to buy a house? And 27 buyers encounter "double limit".

10 7, after the purchase of limited credit policy, Ms. Zhang and other property buyers to purchase more than a loss, had to give up buying. However, the developer of the Fuzhou Binhai Real Estate Co., Ltd. refused to refund the deposit, the first payment, asking them to find qualified buyers and friends in line with the purchase, the name of a house".

buyers internal statistics: 27 suffered double limit

Zhang said, in September, she paid a deposit, down payment, a total of 270 thousand yuan, but after the payment, developers in the housing, the Housing Authority unresolved charge system upgrade on the grounds, did not sign a contract with her. The purchase, the sale of advertising is "Binhai · orange", but the subscription agreement is written "Binhai · Futeng garden".

10 month 7 days, "the purchase of credit limit" policy, Ms. Zhang belongs to the "can not provide the date of purchase before 2 years in the city to pay a total of five and more than 1 years of personal income tax or social insurance that non city residence households in urban areas, lost property qualifications, she also do the ready to abandon the purchase. According to incomplete statistics within the buyers group, subject to the restriction of credit limit, a total of 27.

the day before yesterday afternoon, Ms. Zhang and other more than 20 buyers rushed to the coastal real estate company. Director of marketing planning developers, marketing manager, the law came forward, said to give you a month time, apply for renamed." Ms. Zhang said that the developers let her find qualified buyers and friends in the home, on behalf of her purchase contract signed, if overdue, deposit confiscated, and the first payment is not refundable.

Binhai real estate: there is no other way to deal with

yesterday, the reporter also interviewed Binhai real estate marketing planning director Ms. deng. She said that there is no other way to deal with.

it is understood that the property as well as some buyers are limited loan, the first payment ratio increased". These buyers said that the price of millions of houses, the first payment is increased from 20% to 30% or 40%, means in a month up to ten million, "very difficult".

however, a clear "subscription agreement", "if the state recommended


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