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Do you know the new credit card repayment in Fujian

credit card is widely used in life, after the monthly consumption and then repayment on time, but there are people who let you help the repayment of how to do? A person holding a credit card to store people on behalf of repayment, another person with out behind that cover the former Dun behind, hiding in the nearby at the loss of my credit card. The above performances, making more than shop owner fooled. January 2nd, a small shop owner cheated after the report, yesterday, 3 suspects were arrested by the police arrested the East drum.

1 2, Drum East police station received an area of a mixed store owner Lin alarm. Lin said he was cheated 40 thousand yuan. Originally, Lin opened a grocery store in private credit card cash business. On the same day, a regular customer and partner came to the store. Who took out a credit card, let Lin on behalf of 40 thousand yuan, 42 thousand yuan after the agreed repayment brush. Lin will be 40 thousand yuan into the VIP card, ready to use POS machine brush 42 thousand yuan, but the system has been unable to complete the operation.

this time, VIP disappeared, Lin took regular companion. The other face angry: "I was stupid, he owed me money not yet, how could you let him go?" Finish saying, this man also ran.

Lin to drum East police station alarm. The police retrieved the store surveillance, and soon found a man surnamed Chen’s identity information. The police and the credit card inquiries, that the owner is zhao.

police arrested yesterday in Cangshan Zhao, Chen and Zhao Moumou 3.

learned that there are fraud convictions Zhao, Zhao Moumou, Chen, Zhao Moumou to allow credit card cash shop, and the owner set near. Mixed with more familiar, Zhao Moumou holding a credit card to the store cash, Chen followed in the vicinity, Zhao hiding in the observation. Once the cash, Zhao Moumou immediately notify Zhao, Zhao to call the bank credit card, frozen account. Zhao Moumou to slip away, after Chen Moumou also cover away, pretending to be a creditor to escape.

in life to help others, we also need to strengthen awareness of prevention, especially in the Spring Festival approaching, many of the social fraud began to appear. Currently, the gang has confessed fraud 3, in addition to Lin alarm, the other two victims cheated several million did not alarm. Police found two victims, they said, know to use POS machine credit card cash is illegal, so after being cheated dare not report.

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