How to bring surprises to customers

a store’s business in the end is good, and the customer is a very big relationship, so that if you want to make the shop business is hot, you need to take more strategies to retain customers. In today’s society, the competition is more and more intense, so how to retain customers? This is a difficult problem in sales.

in the eyes of customers, they believe that the store is to spend money to spend, since the consumption is to be satisfied with the service. Unless the experience provided by the sales activities has exceeded the standards of the customer, that is, the unexpected surprise, they will not remember which store.

so, now many stores in activities, many have joined the interactive process and diversified elements, the purpose is to let the customer experience to enjoy the excitement, surprise, remember the store, willing to visit again. The promotion process is no exception, there is no surprise there is no stimulation, there is no stimulation will not be satisfied, not satisfied with the means that there is no repeat. Sales process is the basic condition of a good product, but there is no surprise to the customer to bring the experience is a very important factor to usher in repeat customers.

customer is particularly important for sales impression, if you give the customer a surprise experience, in general, will also be customers; but if the other link errors, even if only a small problem, make the customer expectations down, even if other places are doing well, but there has been in the hearts of customers complain and dissatisfaction.

how can we bring surprises to customers? Sales activities, each customer to "stimulate" the definition is different, you may listen to the customer’s needs and ideas, and accordingly provide customer service, you can make them feel comfortable or surprise. When you will sell the product personally delivered to the hands of customers, and to explain it, but also make customers feel surprised. Invite customers to participate in the anniversary and promotional activities, will let customers feel a warm and happy atmosphere, to bring customers another beautiful feeling.

there are many ways to create surprises, there are practical, but also the spirit of the. For example, in the promotional activities can be put in a few small gifts, or gifts; cheap price or give customers a consumer experience is expected. The surprise although it looks very simple, but the effect is brought about by the obvious, surprise is not need to pay a lot of investment, therefore, as long as exceed customer expectations, even if only a small part, will let customers feel surprise or stimulation.

in the sales process, a simple price for customers to create surprises is not enough, far less than the value added to the product for customers to bring surprises to stimulate effective. For example, tell the customer that the product has other features, or a small gift


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