How much does it cost to open a coffee shop

shop to do business, the cost is that we need to consider, and now many friends have the intention to open a coffee shop, so we also pay more attention to the cost of coffee shop. How much does it cost to open a coffee shop? This is a question many friends have. Here is a detailed description of the cost of coffee shop to open the evaluation method!

to open a coffee shop usually costs by the following ways to calculate the assumption of a store, the monthly rent for 50000 yuan, the rent can not be higher than 20% of turnover, is best accounted for about 10%.


25000× 10%=250000 yuan / month

50000× 5%=250000 yuan / month

this calculation way for reference, the situation is different, should be calculated using different data, if the term is 3 years (36 months), or 5 years (60 months), while the amount of investment was 25 thousand yuan × 36=90 million yuan, or 25 thousand yuan × yuan; 60=150

to open a coffee shop need to how much money? The above method can be used to estimate the cost of the shop. Of course, the location of the coffee shop, decoration and other factors will also affect the cost of opening the coffee shop, so the specific circumstances need to be specific analysis.



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