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Ceramic tile market prospects are good opportunities can not be missed

is now the real estate of the event, also let the home building materials market development hot development, behind this tile fields are also ready to join. So in 2016, is not a good time to join the tiles? The following is to introduce you to join the three big brick favorable policies for the development of the industry to provide a broader space for wealth.

tiles to join a favorable policy: new urbanization of the blue ocean market temptation

2014 in March 16th, Xinhua News Agency issued a "national new urbanization plan (2014 – 2020)". Rural reconstruction, strong western building materials market is strong, public project (hospital, Park) launched, in this wave, the ceramic tile industry channel sink, blossom everywhere, county market large building materials market is no longer a new, vibrant town also appeared in a street building. Although difficult to do business will say, but the rural home a building up small villa, new towns have appeared. Tile franchisee as long as the change from the previous strategy to the tall first-tier cities, a huge blue ocean quickly occupied the three or four line of the city, to create a new world and fortune.

the current resident population urbanization rate of 53.7%, household population urbanization rate is only about 36% of the average level of 80% in developed countries is not only far below the average level of developing countries is also lower than the 60% per capita income similar to our country, there is a large space for development.

tile join good policy two: two-child policy change caused the real tide

and a second tier cities is not there is no space?. October 2015, the eighteenth plenary session of the CPC Central Committee of the Fifth Plenary Session pointed out: adhere to the basic national policy of family planning, and actively carry out the action to deal with the aging population, the implementation of a comprehensive policy of two children.


is positioned as the crowd just need the market newly married couples and family of the urban population, with the mature in the family two children come, three rooms, three rooms for two rooms for four rooms in the small room for large market, since the two-child policy fully open, has been evident. You can not see the property market in the end of 2015 in the major cities of another round of rising tide.

two purchase market ahead of the arrival, the number of consumers, because of the first purchase experience decoration on the pursuit of quality of life is strong, consumer demand is also more diversified, the ceramic tile consumption demand the same, in this context, in the product design and quality stability is the strength of the old brand the advantage of brand awareness in the move, the more obvious advantages of showmanship ability. At the same time, the service level of the ceramic tile franchisee also put forward higher requirements.

The research is also worth

two children family consumption capacity, the Ministry recommended


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