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WEB development network launched CMS third party demo platform

news March 12th focus in the field of CMS webmaster portal WEB development network (www.cncms.com.cn) today officially launched the CMS demonstration platform, the on-line platform for WEB programmers to provide a broad exhibition space, let the webmaster through the actual use of contrast, quickly find their own CMS station program. It is understood that this will be the first to showcase CMS products and the two development and application of the third party demonstration platform.

According to the

WEB development network CMS channel director Chen Qingquan, on-line demonstration platform, in the same environment, the same function, users can be more intuitive to compare and test of different CMS products, which will greatly facilitate the individual owners and enterprises, so that they can be more convenient to choose the suitable CMS when purchasing products in. The platform in addition to show the functions of CMS itself, also showcasing some excellent works of two WEB programmers, such as templates, style, plug-ins, acquisition rules and so on, to further promote the exchange of technology and development of inter industry CMS.

The on-line

CMS demo platform, and will deepen the cooperation and communication between manufacturers, there has been the integration of discuz, phpwind, PHP168!, the new cloud, PowerEasy, wind, Shopex, nearly twenty of Internet content providers and software products, and these manufacturers will also be more in-depth cooperation. At the same time, the platform has been on-line, statistics etc Yanhuang network enterprise support.

login login into the membership center, you can enter the CMS demo platform

CMS demo platform is still in its infancy, so only open to the general membership function of the front demonstration, backstage function experience temporarily only for manufacturers, as well as in the two development templates, plug-in author open. After the platform to improve the function, the application will be opened in the form of VIP member function experience. When will the VIP member include product, website promotion and online discounts and other privileges exclusive activities.

noun explanation:

CMS Content Management System (content management system) for the whole station system is usually said. Through the CMS can not understand programming and other professional knowledge can quickly build their own website. Therefore, CMS has become the first choice of many enterprises in the process of information construction.


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