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Zhang Xiangdong Ali shares 540 million cash injection is not all

    September 29th afternoon, the Alibaba announced the 540 million strategic investment Chinese network (hereinafter referred to as the nets) news, CEO said today in an Sina network technology connection, although Alibaba will obtain all 85% of the shares, but 540 million yuan of cash is not directly into the network.

Alibaba announced yesterday will pay 540 million yuan in cash, the two get Internet infrastructure service provider network in China operating Chinese equity, which is listed on the Alibaba since the single largest foreign investment.

Zhang Xiangdong

of sina said before the nets and Alibaba started talks for several months, the final amount is 540 million yuan, including comprehensive third party opinion, many factors. However, Zhang Xiangdong is not willing to comment on whether this value is reasonable.

of CLSA analysts believe that this transaction valuation is not high; study reports, Citigroup also pointed out that 10 times of acquisition of Alibaba China million net valuation is only equivalent to the price earnings ratio, while the first half of the China million net net profit rose 20-30%.

"This money is actually

is not in the company," said Zhang Xiangdong of the Alibaba 540 million funds are paid to the shareholders of the original network, and use this method to obtain the status of holding.

data show that the Alibaba and million net customers distribution great regional differences. The advantages of regional nets mainly concentrated in the north, East and North Southern China, which is the traditional advantages of regional network, accounting for the proportion of customers all over 1/3, and the traditional advantages of regional Alibaba is the Jiangsu and Zhejiang coastal areas of Fujian and Guangdong etc..

this information research center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences China Secretary Jiang Qiping said that a Alibaba of the strategic investment nets of important significance lies in the complementary can achieve both customers and products.

, an Internet analyst is hoping Advisory President Lv Bowang also believes that the low overlap rate of both customers, means that there are more cross selling opportunities, and provide access to the Internet network of small enterprises for Alibaba, greatly shorten the time of training and education of Alibaba.

"we do want to have a lot of synergy," said Zhang Xiangdong Alibaba and nets of cooperation will have a synergistic effect on customers, products and services, regional etc.. Zhang Xiangdong said that in the future there will be backing Alibaba, Wan hope that the future will have greater development.

in the long run, the direction of e-commerce enterprises in different directions, the boundaries between each other will become increasingly blurred. As the B2B platform’s Alibaba, and as IDC and enterprise management service providers, e-commerce website software providers have entered a different field of network, electronic commerce.

has pointed out that the Alibaba to expand their traditional strengths in the field at the same time, has been in the construction site +>


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