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Holland sentenced Samsung violated Apple’s patents Galaxy products sales



technology news (He Ying) November 29th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, a Holland Court on Wednesday to make Apple’s decision, order banning the sale of certain models of the Samsung Galaxy tablet computer and smart mobile phone, the reason is a violation of Apple’s patent.

this ban applies to the old Samsung Android products, these products are used by the touch screen to drag the picture album, Apple has got a patent for this method. The court said that these products, including 2.2.1 and above versions of Galaxy devices, these devices did not use the updated flash blue (blue) flash technology.

Samsung and apple have been competing for technology related to the mobile market. So far, neither side has emerged as a clear winner. Apple has won a big victory in the United States, a judge ruled that Samsung violated Apple’s patents and ordered Samsung to pay $1 billion 50 million in damages. But Apple has lost a number of lawsuits against Samsung and other Android makers in foreign markets, and faces several lawsuits and appeals.

last month, a court in Holland ruled that Samsung did not violate the patent held by apple, which is associated with the mobile software in the pinch and zoom (pinch-to-zoom) features. This feature allows users to use two fingers to zoom in or out of the display screen, is the central component of today’s mobile operating system.

Holland court ruled today that if Samsung violated this judgment you need to pay 100 thousand euros per day to apple. Samsung also has to disclose the amount of profit it has received since the invasion of Apple’s patents in June 2011, and the court will then determine the percentage of profits that Samsung should pay to apple.


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