Kang Sheng test QQ login mode QQconnect

September 28th, according to sources, Comsenz and Tencent QQ account open has entered into a substantive stage. At present, Kang Sheng started beta login QQ community website screenshot login window mode, is also the first exposure.



last week, Comsenz CEO Dai Zhikang in an interview with the Sohu IT, expected in October 1st, Kang Sheng will publish internal test version, and then through the QQ, users can through the QQ landing platform website using Discuz. However, he also said that Kang Sheng will not be forced to use the webmaster Tencent system, the webmaster can choose whether to open up with QQ account.

previously, Comsenz (Comsenz) released a multi application platform — Discuz website for the latest version of the official version of X1.5!, this is the first new Tencent after the acquisition of Kang Sheng released, the new QQ will temporarily open account.

and Discuz, after opening up with QQ, the site is not only to keep the user on their own site, while more high-quality, massive QQ users to stay on their own web site. The most important thing is to establish their core competitiveness as soon as possible." Dai Zhikang said.

August 23rd, Comsenz officially announced, has been with the Tencent acquisition agreement, Comsenz will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Tencent, the specific transactions completed in the near future. Previously, people close to the high-level disclosure to Sohu IT Comsenz, Tencent acquired Comsenz 100% stake for more than $60 million the amount of the transaction was completed in July, the acquisition of Kang Sheng is an important strategy of BBS Tencent. (Lei Feng)

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