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TV150 store to promote the first phase of the shop to promote primary knowledge

Moderator: I am honored to serve as the host of this lecture, I simply say the following venue discipline:

in heaven during the teacher lectures, no one is allowed to speak, but not a spam advertising behavior, once discovered, light shielding heavy T this group to speak.

this lecture organizers: TV150

tutorial by TV150 founder Song Jianming (screen name: original, shop promotion God helps those who help themselves) learning to bbs.tv150.cn, colleagues if you want to reprint or live in other parts of the lecture, please indicate the copyright information, thank you.

this lecture by: push a forum and blue peak fire team sponsored

the lecture is very pleased to be invited to push a founder: members jianglikun teacher and blue peak fire Peng Yuan teacher, and the space honest teacher, Peng Hongwei teacher, thank the teachers taking the time to support on the lecture.

below please a few teachers and everyone say hello. Several teachers engaged in network promotion for many years, has a wealth of marketing experience, we have encountered in the future of the promotion of difficult problems can be pushed or a blue peak fire several consulting. OK, please do the following to maximize the current chat window, and then maintain a comfortable posture, with the fastest speed into the state. The following time to the teacher, everyone applauded the teacher. Please make a cup of tea, to maintain a comfortable posture and maximize the window into the learning state dousou spirit.

I believe that everyone has to

I know that my name: Song Jianming, screen name: God helps those who help themselves three years engaged in network industry, and personal blog address: http://s.it300.net want to know more about I can look at.

today our topic is: how novice shop promotion, I hope in the lecture you do not just talk, so as not to affect other people’s ideas in class, if you have questions you can answer questions to the forum area, I will answer. Address: http://s.bbs.tv150.cn/l2.htmlOK, we ask now, may we all know the word network promotion, here I will not do more to explain, people here are a lot of friends want to learn some things just contact shop promotion for this one, don’t know where to start, a lot of knowledge is also a known half also, there are a lot of people often see on the promotion of articles on the Internet, but the feeling is when you really want to go to the theory, practice and do not know how to do.

because each one of our friends here now know the knowledge level is different, the net time is different, so I cannot write a tutorial for all the people, is the so-called, one million people to call, Guo Degang said, when you love a kind of art, there are always people who abuse "


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