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Hundreds of billions of data marketing battlefield big data is the soul of the body

marketing is one of the big data bear the brunt of the battlefield, but the big data marketing, virtual reality is


in the field of big data marketing, the most well-known than the joke: as a manager in your computer to see indecent advertising company web page, blame the person working poor. In fact, it is the big data behind the excavation of the manager’s web browsing features.

in fact, this joke is expressed in the scene, in the big data technology is not difficult to present. Currently in the field of digital marketing, almost everyone is talking about the use of large data precision.

, according to iResearch analysis predicts that in 2013 China’s digital marketing market reached 110 billion yuan, an increase of 46.1%, to maintain rapid growth, the market size is expected to reach $286 billion 200 million in 2017.

why small and medium enterprises


big data marketing company Burson cubic CEO Pei Xiangyu told reporters, digital marketing has become one of the first application in the field of big data, partly because more and more digital media, digital marketing for the company, the technical level is also more and more high; customers demand is more and more critical. On the other hand, more and more result oriented.

is currently linked to big data marketing digital marketing company has a lot of. In fact, the big data marketing is mainly to analyze and mining for users and media data, and advertisers, to advertising on the price, the effectiveness of the delivery price do optimization, let on the support of data and a fool.

to some extent, big data for small and medium enterprises began to become simple digital marketing. For example, the moving industry is currently an almost all large companies, small companies can only find the market space on the Internet industry. This is typical of small and medium enterprises, do not understand the network marketing, do not understand big data, there is no team to help it, and if it went to advertising companies, advertising companies will find it too little advertising budget. Many digital marketing companies to software automation, supplemented by artificial, the cost can support its advertising budget.

will give small and medium-sized customers Burson cubic some schemes, provide SaaS software technology services, the "palm treasure" mobile phone monitoring software on the channel effect, monitoring on whether there are some problems, website experience if there are problems, customers can access these details in the "palm treasure", and through mobile phone client feedback, Burson cubic large data analysis engine and the analyst will help customers on the optimization.

data to be automated, intelligent

"before marketing consulting are shot forehead, are now based on data for the advertising decision, and this data has been realized." Shanghai said Hege technology CEO Zhang Di told reporters in twenty-first Century reported, digital marketing in the future is a big data decision support, after all, advertising is facing more than one hundred million people.


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