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Baidu Encyclopedia Medical entries will be rejected ordinary people edit

days ago, some netizens questioned Baidu encyclopedia is marketing, the use of medical institutions in this regard, Baidu said in a statement released yesterday, Baidu Encyclopedia of pure public goods, not profit. Baidu launched the rainbow plan for all medical classes to take professional certification.

yesterday, Baidu Baike announced the launch of the "Rainbow plan", the 40 thousand common medical encyclopedia entries are locked, experts will edit the right to amend certified, ordinary users will not be able to participate in editing.

December 6th, Sina micro-blog certified as associate professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Peking Union Medical College Hospital netizen @mingergong said, Baidu encyclopedia entries on cervical erosion patients with misleading information, then modified, but not by. The user then found that the contents of a private hospital was modified by the. The user therefore suspect, Baidu encyclopedia became a private hospital marketing battlefield."

@mingergong for the above question, Baidu encyclopedia yesterday issued a statement to respond to that, "Baidu encyclopedia will adhere to the social welfare service commitment, all medical expenses will not involve any compilation of entries."

Baidu official said, users can not be amended in time through the application process may be the reason. Baidu encyclopedia huge amount of information, the audit period in the submission of the peak usually requires a certain audit time. According to the Baidu encyclopedia rules, regardless of the user points and the level of authority, the contents of the amendments submitted by the same process needs to be reviewed.

previously, in 2010, Baidu Encyclopedia has been working with the medical information platform good doctor online, invited thousands of doctors in the top three hospitals for medical class editing. However, due to the presence of some of the medical doctors without professional editing entries, users may still be unable to upload information or even individual medical institutions false propaganda.

in the implementation of the "Rainbow plan", for there is no physician timely preparation and certification of medical entry, Baidu encyclopedia will display "the entry involves professional knowledge of health, certification work is ongoing, suggesting that current information is for reference only.

Baidu encyclopedia was founded in 2006, has now become the world’s largest Chinese encyclopedia. So far, Baidu encyclopedia entries included nearly 5 million 600 thousand.


medical experts in Baidu encyclopedia users praise is


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