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Content marketing in the content of the two words in the end what is the meaning

content marketing is a familiar and unfamiliar concept, familiar because it can often see this concept, strange because many people do not know how to define it. Among them, the content of the two words is the most intriguing, but also the most people can not eat. Get to know the contents of marketing "content" in two words, you will not put the concept of content marketing as "the most familiar stranger".

content marketing content, it is simply a valuable content. Right, so I am pit daddy six words. Do not worry, the following will continue to break down these six words.

what is the content of the valuable content?

valuable content refers to the selection and organization and sharing of knowledge and information to the customer: it can be instructive, helpful or inspiring content, must be the customer appreciation and favorite content.

cite two examples:

1, if you are selling a notebook computer business, share some "how to maintain the computer" and "how to reinstall the system", "different computer performance comparison" to help the people of the article, and can map with the truth to show up, is to create valuable content. They seem to have nothing to do with the fact that you sell the computer, but you provide customers with a steady stream of help information, customers want to think of the computer when it is easier to think of you.

2, if you are a personal webmaster, you in your own website continue to share some very dry cargo site experience and website promotion case, e-books, webmaster industry information such as inspirational life, can let others learn something inspiring, this is also in the creation of valuable content. Some people feel that these things are free to share a bit of a loss of appearance, but you must be doing so outweigh the advantages outweigh the advantages. Because it not only attracts traffic, but also to attract valuable contacts and opportunities for cooperation.

valuable content, its value is reflected in where?

content can be valuable education or entertainment to consumers, and to provide the best experience for them, tell them the right to pursue, and the success of the shortcut, finally let them know that you are how to provide convenience for them, for their FAQ, expand their horizons.

is the concept of this dry, too boring. To specific: valuable content has the following characteristics (standard):

1, can play a role – can play the role of education, inform or entertainment;

2, have the ability to focus on a specific target customers have a certain relevance and special significance;

3, the content is clear and compelling – tells a story that can understand and resonate;

4, high quality

is excellent, have a certain interest, having substance in speech;

5, have real feelings – intention to write, let people feel the makers of mind.



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