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Dangdang not only sell books dangdang com cosmetics category sales interpretation

Dangdang cosmetics sales management analysis

Dangdang basic situation

Dangdang, director of Agel Ecommerce Ltd, Beijing Dangdang, the company registered in Beijing, Dongcheng District. Dangdang online sales of goods, including books, audio and video, beauty, home, mother, clothing and 3C digital dozens of major categories, of which there are more than one thousand kinds of cosmetic surgery. In the first half of 2014, total retail sales accounted for 6 billion 150 million, accounting for China’s B2C online retail market by 1.2%.

Dangdang management operation model

Dangdang is an integrated B2C platform, both to provide an open platform for the introduction of brands and businesses, while operating independently.

self management: dangdang.com import goods sales of the entire link by its own control, part of the procurement of goods, website display, online payment, logistics, customer service service by dangdang.com itself, each link are responsible for the independent sector. Strict procurement control and relatively perfect sales process control, Dangdang self product quality and after-sales service have better performance.

platform management: Dangdang provides trading platform for businesses to contractual agreement with the rights and obligations of merchants settled. Merchants use Dangdang sales platform for product display and sales, businesses operated by the purchase of goods by their own businesses, the use of Dangdang logistics or logistics to choose their own delivery. Platform settled merchants pay Dangdang platform to use fees, according to sales and Dangdang share profits.

Dangdang platform merchants management measures

merchants to join Dangdang platform, Dangdang settled merchants credit situation audit. The main contents of the audit include enterprise qualification, product certification certificate and registration certificate, registered capital, the establishment of a formal review. Review the cosmetics business merchants settled merchants and business products materials including materials, including audit materials for merchants settled qualification: business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, authorization, the general taxpayer qualification certificate. The audit settled merchants provided by the manufacturer or supplier of materials business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, qualification certificate, product quality inspection certificate of trademark registration, the general taxpayer qualification certificate, bank license, authorized agent or book sales book, health permits, health certificates, domestic cosmetics audit record special cosmetics health permits, health permits, imported cosmetics hygiene certificate entry exit inspection and quarantine. The signing of the agreement, dangdang.com requires businesses to provide goods category list and contract rates, consumers also signed service agreement. In addition, Dangdang first introduced in other online shopping mall sales, good reputation of the merchant, the poor sales and reputation of the establishment of the elimination mechanism. Merchants settled dangdang.com platform to pay the deposit, to compensate for the loss caused by the fault of businesses, but also for the illegal acts of merchants punishment, in order to strengthen the control of merchants, supervise the business law. When >


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