How to add Google backlinks

      as a blog, or as a web site, the RP value is very important, is directly related to your site in the minds of the position, and most closely is the site for the relationship between RP and the reverse link, the number of backlinks, determines the quality of your the value of RP. You can use to query the number of backlinks in search engines.

      this blog has been established for a month or so, the value of RP today to 1, are included in major search engines:

search engine Baidu Google YAHOO Sogou soso included 5294091930324 links 344646316964

                the results are satisfied with this, after all, began to build it, and the blog theme is not very broad based. But today I went to Washun’s blog, but found that the ratio of the number of his collected and reverse link close to 2:1. darling, too exaggerated, I think most of the ratio is 100:1.

search engine Baidu Google YAHOO Sogou soso included 218021803331130 links 782101045781260101

        very strange, so click on his Google backlinks to see what causes such a high number of backlinks. Find a lot of his blog connection, and each blog pages connected to many, finally let me find the secret, so many people use his templates, each template below there are 1.7 Laputa Z-Blog By Powered copyright Build 70216.Templete by Washun. The original secret here, templates popular, a large number of blog use, resulting in the number of reverse connection rose.

            a good way to serve everyone, have made such contributions to their blog. Thumbs up to washun.

            although the secret was found, however, I do not fully understand the production of the template. Your time is very difficult to estimate to make such a widely circulated template, so had to give up. If you have this ability, do not let go, this is a good way to improve your blog RP value.



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