Soft Wen promotion to soft value is truth

recently in the tracking of a B2C site promotion, especially the promotion of soft parts. Have the following feelings:

marketing soft writing promotion to get better results, is not necessarily the article how soft, soft how clever, but the article itself is of great value to the user.

today’s Internet users more and more smart, no matter how clever soft Wen planning, are difficult to get, if only to focus on the soft Wen "planning", thinking of how to use the information from the past user advertising, rather than how to embody the "value", the result will inevitably lead to resentment users, writers write soft Wen estimation many such composition, feel very hurt, very fall, while he wrote, feel special.

actually, the soft look much, also wrote a lot, I summarize a soft writing promotion benefited in every way: soft degree is secondary, the key to see how much of the value of the gold content.

How about the value of

, with two English expression: knowledgeable and informative, but I can’t find my more appropriate words to translate these two words, is whether community promotion, public relations or soft, to make sure that this has the knowledge content of practical help or information content to the user, if to do this, even if it is very obvious promotion articles, the moderator also cannot bear to delete, turn pick is not not, users will not. In order to achieve the original intention of soft Wen promotion.

specific operations in the network promotion, making the valuable promotion information source, I am afraid not only responsible for network promotion post to complete the work, must be related to the product or service of the professional position, to write with a "knowledge" and "full information" to the marketing of soft paper. This also reflects from a side of the new competitive network marketing consultant has been advocating the idea: network marketing is the company’s marketing strategy, not just a department can undertake the work.

in short, the marketing of soft writing to promote the success of the elements, my conclusion is: soft enough, the value to fill.


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