Baidu optimization you no discussion

As we all know, the search engine officials are not very clear to give SEO positive attitude, Yahoo more understanding, Google does not exclude, baidu….. Baidu, I want to how many webmaster friends through some official statement, reports and websites penalized by Baidu understand the attitude of Baidu to SEO, can be said that in the eyes of Baidu SEO is the search engine as the enemy. Quote Baidu CTO Liu Jianguo was interviewed to answer a passage:

"twenty-first Century" interview: "cheating search" is what you mean? What is the unique technique to deal with it?

from internal links, external links, label settings, layout factors, five factors explained the key points, but the individual is different from other search engine rules considered "label set, external links"

1, the major search engines and external links is one of the most critical factors, and Baidu external links is the core of the different channels, exchange links as naturally acquired link the important pages best can get some links, the quality of the external links is the key to quality wins. The number of omitted.

2, the label set do not repeat the words, the most important is the correlation between each word, and consistency, the key parameter is split into several words and phrases, it is best to be in Baidu search inside can be reflected in the. Good recognition, good continuity of vocabulary.

3, internal links and other search engine optimization similar to good use of high refresh frequency of the page to promote other related important pages.

4, the layout of factors in the code is reduced as possible, such as using the now popular DIV+CSS, can reduce the page size to a great extent, and is conducive to search engine optimization, to achieve the layout optimization and the optimization like state, the fusion of UE+SEO very good.

5, efforts to pursue the original content elements and high update frequency, the pursuit of the quality of the article at least not too much to achieve the quality of the new Articles, the more people than others, the more likely to get attention.


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