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A small town where the experience of the Forum

The station is becoming more and more difficult to do garbage

this year, having no fun, we are going to do a local forum. Someone bigger, I do a little. According to statistics, our county has a population of 1 million 60 thousand, the city has a very good forum. And has been commercialized operation, others bigger, but can not take into account the small town, so I chose to do the county. Competition strength is little! At first choose the domain name, search do not register the domain name, not a good domain name, good domain name was registered. As for the CC domain name, good let others away, finally I chose the local zip code as the domain name, 235100 is the area code, download a discuz, a good forum, the forum launched! Is not popular, it began to promote.

the first promotion method, I chose the QQ EMAIL promotion, each hour to collect a local online QQ number, and then mass. Here we must not let it into the trash, I was 20 seconds to send a letter, the title is " Suixi will be on the www.235100.com website, the content is uploaded to QQ into my album a piece of advertising pictures, then in the picture to be a link, so every day, probably over 200 IP. I also do not know how many letters are issued, anyway, is in the hair, and occasionally check to see the message into the trash box. Summary of this conclusion, the more the better the SMTP e-mail, the more difficult to enter the dustbin. I set up 10 SMTP, the basic of these 10 SMTP can send a message for 7 hours, into the garbage box and then another IP, continue to initiate!

second promotion methods in the local supermarket is selling advertising handbag with the supermarket, the price is 1.8 yuan a, we are selling for 5 cents a. We buy 1000 bags from Alibaba, priced at 1.35 yuan, they gave the printed advertising, in this way, our promotion method consumes 800 yuan, but the effect is good, buy the bag at home has a computer, will also go to the website to open the computer, after all they know of this website look, brand promotion.

is the third kind of promotion methods in the Internet to buy the IE home page, there are 14 Internet cafes in our local, more than 1 thousand and 400 machine, we first purchased a few Internet cafes IE page, buy machine is good use of Internet cafes. A machine 2 yuan monthly, must pay a half of the money, or else someone don’t love you. During the consideration of methods to set the home page manual too much trouble, finally chose to do a EXE, allow them to test and use Internet to update the software, they update all machines easily set into our home, feel this way the general effect, do a few days, people go to Internet cafes. Mostly young people, they seem to be playing in the game, for these forums and so on, they seem to have little interest, to the forum is basically married people.

there are some of the ways we use the toilet print ads, do not say here >


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