2010 Taobao can lead the trend of the times

Taobao online shopping has become the hearts of many users online shopping center. As Asia’s largest online retail base Taobao, the most concern is the interests of consumers. As we all know, in the past year, Taobao has a lot of things. Take the ‘inferior wireless network card’, this kind of thing makes a lot of people are afraid to go home shopping Taobao, Taobao has made the first payment for the victims of the system.

in order to safeguard the interests of consumers, taobao.com in 2010 to launch a new heart policy, and as the 2010 taobao.com consumer, but also out of 100 million funds as consumers Xianhengpeifu fund, as long as you in taobao.com shopping online home purchase and sell fake goods, in consultation with the case, can be obtained in advance the payment of funds in taobao.com. And Taobao set up a 24 hour uninterrupted Rights Center for consumers, we can get help anytime, anywhere Taobao. From this point of view, the current trend in the current interests, ranked first in the hearts of Taobao is still the majority of our consumers.

we all know that Taobao is currently the country’s largest fake distribution center, Ma has said: Taobao does have a fake, but it is indeed a fake Taobao. It seems taobao.com has felt the voices of consumers, which can be a problem if you want to survive, taobao.com cannot do without the majority of consumers, the interests of consumers, to get everyone’s approval. Of course, want to let Taobao completely disappear with the difficulty of the puzzle will be closed unless Taobao. Recently, Ma Yun said at the annual meeting of Taobao, said: if the closure of Taobao China’s fake can disappear, then this evening to close Taobao. Oh, of course, this is just a joke, but you can see that Taobao’s determination to fight against fakes. In 2010, taobao.com has been associated with many international famous brands Unicom joint anti-counterfeiting industry and commerce, public security organs across the country. To make fake completely disappeared in taobao.com, not only that, if everyone is taobao.com home sellers you may already know, taobao.com has now issued regulations on commodity has also made the corresponding adjustment. As far as I know, now Taobao online shopping home page of the goods inside, not genuine goods can not have ‘genuine’ two words, if found to be forced down the shelf. The sellers advise you, issued after the goods they should pay more attention to oh.

one of the system, are in the interests of consumers around. Thus, in the hearts of Taobao or our vast number of consumers in the first place, only let us consumers at ease, Taobao to normal operation, in order to get bigger and bigger. Let us wait and see, look forward to Taobao online shopping has become our hearts online shopping center. This year is not only a new era of Taobao, but also a new era of our consumers.

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