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nternet advertising traffic can cheat A company aimed at the billion market


Digital advertising on the website

of different forms, whether it is hanging in the portal headlines or video playback before the banner patch, these ads for the brand owners to show the chance of exposure, while users of advertisements every time browsing and click for carrying platform to Everfount Commission income.


has almost become the realization method of the cash flow is the initial network platform most has the nature of the media, in order to attract advertisers to put in, many network platform will use the "brush flow" approach, that is through the human manipulation robot program flow superimposed on Internet advertising, these is invalid click flow into a real IP address, in order to achieve advertisers and delivery platform for trading.

was founded in 2013 in Shanghai, RTBAsia is a solution to the problem of Internet advertising fraud. RTBAsia founder Fan Qiuhua told the 36 krypton, at first they want to do a niche advertising user data tools, but in which found a large number of false traffic, R & D will simply change the direction of entrepreneurial Internet anti cheat software.

in the current Internet advertising, 35% of the false traffic from the robot." Fan Qiuhua said. In the near future, the International Association of advertisers and Internet anti cheating company White Ops digital marketing anti cheating report shows: in 2015, the world’s advertisers suffered a loss of false traffic will reach $6 billion 300 million.

at present, the basic domestic Internet advertising can be divided into "package" and "real-time bidding" in two, the former is the traditional "advertising buyout method, while the latter can be based on DSP (Demand-Side Platform) platform, according to the user’s personal information to determine whether to potential users, and then through the auction to buy and the exposure of advertising booths, and this process requires only 100 milliseconds.

, for example, a package like advertising company directly in the crowd with a big horn call to promote their own, while DSP is the company sent a clever salesman, spotted the customer to sell the product, although the cost may be higher, but achieves the precision marketing effect.

along with the trend of large companies for DSP advertising gradually clear, Fan Qiuhua and his team are also optimistic about the prospects of anti spam advertising traffic. Due to the China program, all partners advertising trading platform needs the IP address information disclosure complete, this is Fan Qiuhua’s company at the technical level eliminates some of the obstacles.


through the IP address for live activity analysis and geographic location, RTBAsia’s technical team can be IP> for each ad traffic behind


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