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How to create a complete network marketing plan

a website construction steps:

1 website construction.

2 keyword positioning.

3 Analysis of key words after the competition.

4 new sites in all frames transmitted to the server before modification is completed, do not modify the.

5 will be coming to the server, not submitted to the search engine, wait for natural included.

6 every day to do some necessary updates, there is no need to emphasize the original.

After the submission of

7 new sites or natural collection, began to update the original or false original articles every day.

8 external links. Find links.

two, looking for links and hair of the chain:

1 to establish BOLG, Sina, NetEase, HI Baidu and other major sites to build a blog and published articles, the content of the article should include the company information, website address, web site keywords, it is best to original articles. Or at the end of the world, such as the flow of relatively large station released soft wen.

2 products in the relevant industry site registered account and release the soft, soft quality must be high, enterprise website is different from the other station SEO, other SEO need only the ranking, and enterprises need is how to maximize the benefits of increased through the network.

3 for the link, not only focus on the other side of the PR value, should also pay attention to update the date and frequency of other Baidu snapshot, after all, the majority of enterprises still stand for, the majority of customers from Baidu. (except foreign trade website)

three, website observation:

1 every day through the website traffic statistics system detailed analysis of user and the user is accessing your antecedents through what word website.

2 daily query keywords ranking, view website snapshot update date.

3 often open their own web site to see the speed of access and whether it can normally open.

4 regular check FTP, view the site whether the program was to upload suspicious files, check to see if the site code is linked to the horse.

four, overlay network marketing methods:

1 will be the company’s products and website address in the relevant industry website.

2 in the Alibaba, Taobao, and other relatively large HC flow station issued information products and the company’s own.

3 in Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu post bar and other products related to the company’s own information.

4 in Baidu have released their products and company information.

5 in Baidu and YAHOO knowledge hall, SOSO ask and so on, with the company’s products or keywords >


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