Five ways to promote blog

a lot of blog friends may be in trouble for one thing, how to make your blog can be seen more users, more than a few visitors, to some comments. If the light on the blog site to edit your blog on the home page, but it is very difficult, after all, so many users, often by the editors would is more familiar with the blogger, they can take the easy way, save time, and the quality is guaranteed, so for the grass-roots Bo the more, the article is difficult to be found no echo.

so we bloggers should learn how to promote, so users are active to our blog, see the article, let you hard every day to write down ideas not wasted. Today to provide you with my summary of the five major ways to promote the blog, but also to communicate with everyone.

, QQ group promotion method

this method is believed to be a lot of bloggers are used, but the effect is not very ideal, which shows that there is no real use of this method. First of all, QQ group promotion method is a time-consuming method needs long time in the QQ group and Q have a good relationship, if blunt the Bowen title and link their hair up, and then let the people go to the top of your article, I believe there is little point in. Therefore, it is very important to have a good relationship with the active groups, and to implement different social strategies according to different groups. Secondly, it is necessary to work hard in the title, we must let the user resonate in the group, do not look at the title of only a few words, but a good summary, there will be a very important role.

two, message return method

this method seems simple, but in fact there are many skills. Some bloggers do not look at each other’s friends on the article began to boast about a good article, then ask for a return visit, doing so is a waste of effort. We must carefully when using this method, carefully read each other’s blog, clarify their own point of view, let them feel that you are really feeling, even if you do not leave what "welcome back" words, other bloggers would like to see your article. This will not only bring traffic, but also to get the chance to comment will be greatly improved, because you are in the heart of communication with each other.

three, circle promotion method

circle promotion method a lot of old bloggers are not unfamiliar, many people have joined in many circles, but you have to do your research in Canada when the circle, the circle of active users how, this circle is not suitable for your article published in this circle is not carefully review and comment not in order to gloss it over. Circle of people are not necessarily more, too many words are likely to soon be flooded your article. Be sure to do a good relationship with the circle of the Lord, which is very helpful for your article recommendation. There is a very important thing is that your article must be original, the original article of the popularity of the article is reproduced than.

four, micro-blog promotion method



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