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landing site directory is a good way to rapidly improve the chain and increase included, for the first time on classified catalogue also need to understand some of the relevant knowledge, here we simply say, I also hope rookie veteran advice.


directory contains only the homepage and other pages not included, some classification requirements of the web site is relatively high to have content, but also have a certain amount of time to visit, visit these catalogues only website content rich and there is a certain to submit.

category included will remain stable in a certain period of time, some catalogs allow users to modify the site part information, nor through "search engine optimization" and other means to improve the website of the categories ranking; some pay categories, usually need to pay an annual fee, if you want to continue to maintain in the catalogue the position, don’t forget to pay regularly;

? Because the directory included a large number of similar sites, and most users are more accustomed to using search engine retrieval directly, so close to the directory for users to find the opportunity is relatively small, it is difficult to bring very high traffic, can only be regarded as a means to improve even. "Search engine automatic login software", but for the directory website login, don’t expect any "network marketing software" to replace the manual work, so not only will not be formal website, and even affect the normal registration website.

below for everyone to introduce some good classification directory landing site

265 self-help chain

main station:

login address:

coodir website directory

main station:

login address:


main station:

login address: http://s.

Dmoz open directory

main station:

login address: (need to select the classification)

Yahoo URL

main station:>


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