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Liebo acquired the city of angels sent a signal to the electricity supplier what



in last year’s double 11 to 85 million yuan in sales ranked women ranked first, while the annual sales of 500 million yuan in the women’s category ranked in the top three, up from 1000 yuan to 500 million yuan in 2005, just over a period of 7 years, the development speed is enough to make the same behavior at. However, relatively few tens of billions of brands on the ground floor, it seems a little insignificant. For the Amoy brand, it seems at this stage began to encounter the ceiling, want to break through 1 billion this threshold is difficult, therefore, to integrate through the acquisition of the city of angels, brewing the next step of the listing plan is undoubtedly the fastest way.

although at the beginning of the acquisition, suffered an embarrassing strike of the angels of the city staff, but this episode will soon be resolved. Personally, Liebo bold step out of this is a very wise choice. Earlier reports from the Amoy brand Yin man and pretty intentionally by buying some of Taobao’s big sellers, all sorts of signs that Taobao’s future will enter a period of development resource integration. According to industry analysts believe that in 2014 2013, Taobao settled the opportunity is very large, as long as the good internal strength, good supply chain link, want to rush out in the thousands of businesses is very likely. But after missing this stage, the opportunity is very small, because this time will enter a period of capital operation.

the Tmall flagship store sales although also broke the million, but many official activities are not involved in all conditions, is the end of the year to promote women’s event, double 11 online shopping Carnival day activities, appeared in the hall are Amoy brand mostly, these shops can get free traffic huge. Some small businesses want to share a cup of soup will take the pay promotion way to get traffic. Last year, double 11 as an example, the train was more than 4 yuan bid in order to have a good position to show, put in a day just 6000 yuan, sales exceeded 10 thousand yuan, this is in the conversion rate of 4% can be realized on the basis of. Therefore, at that time the boss’s sigh is that Taobao is a big fish eat small fish in the world, although not comprehensive, but still reflects the aspirations of some small sellers.

therefore, Liebo overwhelmed move though a little adventure, after all two stores the main style is not the same, to cover the customer base is not the same, but by accelerating sales, on the one hand can resist many powerful shops through price promotions, the explosion of the impact, but also to lay the foundation a step of listing.


winds at the time of interview frankly, after there is no concept of venture capital, but through the guidance of investment partners, know that everything can be achieved through the inventory turnover rate, net profit margin, budget, accounting data, to accelerate the progress of the listed.

in the next few years, or will become the Amoy brand Liebo in the first listed company, will also mean that the capital operation time >


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