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Taobao thousands of Japanese purchasing shop due to earthquake suspension


reporter entered Japan shopping on taobao.com, to search related sellers of 5553 people, including 1801 sellers is located in Japan, which has many shops hang out a notice to suspend delivery, rough statistics has more than 1000.

most of these shops to buy Japanese cosmetics, milk powder, daily necessities and other commodities. Many sellers said that the earthquake caused a serious impact on Japan’s purchasing, because of travel difficulties, traffic congestion, shop will be hungry soon".

to enter the seller "yikeai005" shop, the order to suspend the notification was placed in the most conspicuous position. According to the owner of the introduction, the location of the aftershocks frequently, specific when to resume business depends on the local situation in japan. Seller "yikeai005" said that before March 10th orders have been sent to China, hope that buyers are patiently waiting.

reporter learned that the big seller due to adequate supply of goods, mostly for cash, so the impact is relatively small. While most small sellers only accept reservations, is easy to appear out of business.

really afraid of the credibility of the shop will be affected." The seller told reporters, "Lisa" after the earthquake because of traffic congestion, now many booked goods are difficult to send out, even send the goods to be on the road, how long will delay the damage and loss are difficult to predict.

– note

users to buy Japanese goods, please try to choose to buy in order to ensure that the order to reduce the waiting time.


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