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The latest Shanghai ranked 2011 love experiences


: the first page architecture with SE

third page: the internal rational strong inside chain

Er all know that love Shanghai ranking algorithm updates more frequently, often caused by fluctuating phenomenon ranking. In the rankings, Shanghai love fluctuates several ranking is normal, we do not have to confound, as long as you don’t cheat, just waiting for the adjustment can be observed. Continue to adjust the ranking algorithm also helps us do Shanghai dragon also should keep pace with the times and continue to practice and discovery algorithm changes, changes in the elements, so as to keep up with the situation of search engine. For the optimization for love Shanghai to promote some viewpoints and experiences unisignflex Shanghai dragon briefly talk about their own share. First, I’ll give you a formula look, I think Shanghai should optimize promotion sex according to the following formula to the multiplier. The formula is as follows: love Shanghai optimization promotion page architecture with SE = + high quality original update + page reasonably strong inside chain + high quality link

referred to here is said to update website update. The so-called high quality original is not and you the same information in the network, and the content is for users to provide useful information for users to solve or. False original article current search engine to weight is very low, because now the search engine has been able to distinguish the original from the original artifacts through certain technical means.

within the so-called chain refers to: share the internal links and no >

second: high quality instant update original

Shanghai Longfeng

as owners we all know, the general website is dependent on the search engine to display and publicity. If your site is built not the taste of the search engine, it is a failure of the website. So what kind of website with search engine rules? I simply talk about: first the site layout should be reasonable, the page can not ignore the feeling of the search engine in order to meet the visual experience, what does that mean? That is the page not too many pictures and FLASH and other search engines do not currently have a good recognition the element. In addition, the station of clear navigation is very important, clear navigation can let your visitors know at present in your web site and page browsing, not on the site lost direction. There is, set columns, page URL, first of all to static URL, why do this point you may know. There is a clear URL index to facilitate the search engine grab.

update is also very important, timely update the site information has a frequency to the index of the spider, the spider web feeding only, we can have a good record, a snapshot of the problem will be solved very well. The same stand in the user’s perspective, every day to update the content of the website users is also very love, because he can see the quality of different information on your site every day. Can enhance the user experience and stickiness and loyalty.


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