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At the beginning of a portal site of Shanghai dragon and the corresponding solutions to problem diag


from the March has passed nearly 7 months, the overall site optimization and the promotion of the changes is different from before and after all, according to the actual situation in the business to be adjusted, so the time can also be combined with the site itself to find some shadow (of course, if you want to read this article, must be combined with the site to see see) it changes. Nonsense not say, straight into the topic.



took over an insurance information portal, before nearly half a year, due to various reasons to leave Shanghai Longfeng this circle to do marketing and intermediary, so in just over and do a lot of homework, aiming at the existing problems of the website made a diagnosis problems, and provides the corresponding solutions for the problems, now have the time to give it to share out, is also the record he was at that time the occupation course of

three, the deployment of


3), and the products of the long tail word

content update frequency



site is currently doing keyword introducing flow

, a website


1) home brand

site structureThe quality of the content



, the 1 main factors influencing the website includedThe domain name

7) site map site map or the use of sitemap


At the beginning of March when


2, website indexed in problems and solutions:


askKeywords flow Two,

2, introduces relevant problems and solutions of


2) web server access speed

pictured above Xiaobian was included in the site, mainly from the introduction of traffic, keyword layout, keyword ranking and data statistics and analysis of five aspects to start, so this article is in accordance with the logic of sharing

page has > title


2) Tag classification and thematic core keywords


page content layout structure

1, the introduction of traffic classification




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