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Six points on the construction of the station group

four points, the construction of website

old domain name those who have been through or are still included in Shanghai love love Shanghai included, must have a reverse link and weight. YAHOO link, at least there should be the reverse link from the home page, if you encounter the same industry that is better.

station group construction is necessary for the novice webmaster no contacts and money, we come from the homepage of the chain mostly rely on Links to achieve, but the number of our master can do Links is quite limited, this time on the need to set up our resources to do the master station one-way links or find other sites do cross links. Station group in the search engine appears to be cheating, although the search engine for the station, there is no perfect measures, but the station group construction still carefully, the author summed up the five points station group construction, for the novice webmaster reference.

stations should be based on the keywords you do depends on the difficulty, is generally not less than three, if the keyword is not difficult also can be one to two. Don’t get too many stations, so the limited time and energy, and to the joint K.

three points. The choice of the template.

is the name of the site, to be unique, not simple words, generally 4-6 words is enough. The content updated daily 2 article pseudo original article is enough for

points, select the

The number of

does not need to spend energy to decorate the chain, only need to rely on the existing PR advantage to find Links. Do you Links best blog. Outside the chain of each other’s best is the less the better. It is not relevant, but must be a blog. Links must register the way to contact each other, so that problems can be timely treatment.

template selection is very important, have the ability to do your template, do not have the ability to be able to buy a template. Don’t use a free template, between each station group template cannot be the same. Energy Limited webmaster recommended blog program do stand group, two articles every day to a very relaxed and happy.

stations and our main station in the same space, this is a disadvantage for the establishment of the station group, the search engine is based on the same IP to determine whether you are using the station group of cheating, so it is suggested to be placed in the two stations and the main station to a different one. IP points to no more than two of the resource station.

six points,

we do station group’s purpose is to gather the weight in a short period of time, and love Shanghai for the new domain name credit take at least 3 months. So we must choose an old weight domain in the choice of the domain name, the domain name generally choose pr3.

two points, the number of sites

domain name

five points, the construction of the chain

spaceWe do not recommend


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