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Shanghai dragon website security can not be ignored

, a website vulnerability can allow hackers to implant trojan website content was tampered with, how to deal with this

now webmasters to quickly make their website promotion success, many people use other website vulnerabilities, hackers through the means in terms of their site outside the chain linked to the others on the site, so as to improve their website weight, and also through the implantation of wood Malay to steal other people’s accounts, even pop-up ads this dialog box, let others site suffered heavy losses. When your site safety problems when the content of your site is completely may be a fish, but many hackers love to show off, is to put the content on your site is changed beyond recognition, data were also ruthless if tampering is the electronic commerce website can also cause trade disputes, if the site the data on no backup, then your website will suffer a heavy blow, basically back to the night before the liberation of

recently, the Internet has many security problems, many websites will be linked to horse, was black, for our Shanghai dragon worker, also warned us, Shanghai dragon website security can not be ignored, must pay attention to it, can not let their Shanghai Longfeng optimization results into East


as far as I know, on the morning of September 2nd, the Taobao website was hacked, there was a shock: " 1 yuan shipping events, all using Taobao " the third party tools "group purchase treasure" have been implicated in the accident are treated in an emergency. There are many dangdang贵族宝贝 last month even "price" incident, including "1 yuan adidas shoes" incident to the system error dangdang贵族宝贝 refused to cash. This is for our Shanghai dragon network maintenance workers and caused heavy losses. Besides the past, Shanghai dragon Why forum also appears to be attack phenomenon. Many bloggers have attacks by hackers, such as the September 1st attacks, 28 push BBS, 28 issued a notice, statement and hit the golden egg big turntable as plug-in vulnerability has stopped using the plug-in, but just 28 push a learning station, and not what the commercial value, otherwise. It will also face significant losses.

server intrusion The following


hacker noun every webmaster familiar, we know a website if hacker attacks, the owners in the search engine optimization efforts will be in vain, each site is flawed, as long as you grasp the hacker website system vulnerabilities, if he wants to attack then, the website will face the hitherto unknown disaster. The Shanghai dragon, the hacker technique also is Shanghai dragon black hat, for a white hat to optimize the station, how to prevent hacker attacks by hackers is a lot of people will lead to what results in trying to solve the problem of the website.

is entered, the present commonly used hacker attacks and countermeasures and prevention methods on this problem, there are many online.



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