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Why love Shanghai show more about the Keywords content


loves Shanghai "see more on the" keyword "> >" for Shanghai dragon Er, there are also dangerous organic, everything has two sides, mainly to see how we operate, if you grasp the skills, seize the opportunity, the dangerous nature became machine. < >

we see from the chart, "keywords see more on the" key words "content" is to extract the content of the page title. We click see more about "Keywords" > > after love Shanghai into another sort search results page, as shown in figure

from the figure we can observe that when the second keyword search results ranking page click on the title and we search for the love of Shanghai will not be as like as two peas, "see more on the" keyword "> >". Thus we can easily conclude that the love of Shanghai in the search results display the sort page for more information about the content of the "Keywords" > > "is to let users search to reduce the search time, make search results more precise. See more about this "love Shanghai" Keywords "> > for Shanghai dragon Er, may reduce the traffic to our site, it may be a good opportunity to increase our site traffic.

I fell in love with the sea search "love Shanghai, I return to the original project" in the search results page free to click on a title, following in the URL pop-up "see more on the" keyword "> >, and bold font display, as shown in figure

if a station in similar article more words, there may be an article by a visitor guide repeatedly to reach the target site promotion. Now the general enterprise has two or more than two sites, and sites between business are closely related, such as a company’s main business is the registration of foreign companies and other minor business companies registered in Hongkong. We can in the registration of foreign companies of this website is the title of an article is "company registration process" (the website ranking is very good), and we registered in Hongkong company’s website article is "foreign invested company registration needs what information, similar title, can let visitors to visit our website again.

as a Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai love are affecting our hearts every act and every move. Because of the increased competitive pressures, changes in Shanghai love is more and more frequent. Green line, the chain of the new algorithm and the original judgment project etc.. It is not difficult to see that the ultimate goal of a series of actions are in order to provide more valuable information to return search results search information closer to the user’s intention. After the top second pages of relevant search ", this day Shanghai’s search results page has a new change.


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