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Shanghai Longfeng novice to learn to guard against the chain trap

today is the topic of many of my friends have seen a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but still talk about it, talk about Shanghai Longfeng novice to do outside the chain. Shanghai Longfeng work foreign chain is an important part of the chain good can enhance the role of large websites, especially one-way links, which also produces a variety of chain trap. If outside the chain into a trap, do not work, may also do marry clothes for others, their work is in vain not to fall down is good, others accounted for a great deal. Most of the chain trap is the use of some of the more subtle means tricks on the source code, so that the link is not a substantive role for your website, but the page can be seen on this link, some new friends not based often will see a link you think this place can do outside the chain, in fact not exactly (in the Cong blog to see him less for some take this so-called master bluff is abhorrent), following a brief introduction about the chain common pitfalls.

2, JavaScript script. This is a very common chain trap, often found in Links. Due to the weight of Links is relatively high, so some people will play tricks on the Links part, using JavaScript script input, so that you can see the link on the page, but the search spider is not to understand the JavaScript script, nature is ignored, thus the formation of a one-way links to your website to the other site. The script is very simple, as long as you are in the source code of the Links see not plain anchor text links, but as < scripttype=" text/javascript" src=" xxx.js" > < /script>, and then use the FF browser like chrome or click on the JS script (see links into the future, document.write may the more.

1, nofollow. This is a chain of common pitfalls, there are two ways, one is the HTML document in the meta part of the statement, as said the document do not need to grab the link, but this approach is not used by many people, because most of the content on the page is the need to capture the use this way only some special page; the other is declared in the anchor property, such as < a href=" xxx.html" rel=" nofollow" >, said don’t grab this link to the page, this kind of flexibility, can batch for the specific position of the link specified, so is the most commonly used methods, common in the blog, sometimes there are people doing this in the hands and feet Links.


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