Shanghai Longfeng site audit where to start

2, initial data

link evaluation the first thing I do is in the process of audit in the browser to open my mobile phone lottery software website, and perform data export. There are hundreds or thousands of links to the web site, I will go directly to the inbound links tab, and then exported to CSV documents. The export needs of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of websites, from the "senior" report to OSE, these are some help.

1, the rapid identification of non natural link mode

3, website evaluation

Shanghai Longfeng audit is very familiar to you, then you know how to do the audit work of Shanghai dragon

?With the advent of

correlation evaluation. When you link to another page, the content should be added to you. If your link is irrelevant, it will cause a poor user experience and reduce the relevance of your pages.

is to use the anchor text. Anchor text >

website quality to be able to trust. Do outlinks links must know should be how to create some more sensible content validation, in the process of mobile phone lottery software link 贵族宝贝 website, I determined to give up some rubbish Sergio links to other sites on the web site, a link to your site, it is said in the search in the search engine spiders trust on your website.

the key is I want to get in touch, and docking. Even if this is not enough, if your mobile phone lottery software website has millions of links, but it is definitely the first step of the audit. Although I can grasp at this point the number of the chain there is far from so much, but it is also a good start.

so, how do you evaluate the link in this case? What is the best way to make sure you really determine the wrong link? As in mobile phone lottery software website, I just use the same strategy to find the Shanghai dragon, help you make the lottery website link optimization, to quickly identify non natural link mode.

link configuration file Google is not natural, need to check the inbound links in the configuration file of the audit work is becoming more and more popular.

in the worst case, did not do the audit can be fatal in Shanghai dragon. The driver didn’t notice you into the lottery website traffic, although some people think that his site does not need to flow, so if you do not Shanghai Longfeng audit work, will make your site be eliminated.

for all of the audit work, are related to inbound links footprints, the reason for this is because many sites have been identified as having bad links, the need for a more comprehensive analysis of link assessment process. The mobile phone lottery software to share with all the site as an example.


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