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A new algorithm of nobility baby what Shanghai dragon is safe method

2: turn to page (cloaking), hidden in the search engine and the real user for two different sets of


listed above have a common characteristic: who are the website optimization method is very effective, can quickly improve website search results ranking in the noble baby. Also, they have a common point that can easily be found noble baby. Use these methods to optimize the website, sooner or later will face the punishment of noble baby.

J. C. Penney last week, due to the promotion by the nobility baby right down punishment for the use of paid links; and this week, the Forbes website for selling links and more sites were punished, punishment have emerged, Overstock is facing the same situation right down. The new algorithm in the noble baby these large, have been sacked for similar reasons. In such a grim situation, what is your station now safe? So there is a problem today: search engine optimization method is dangerous and what kind of what kind of method is

6: link farms

7: other attempts to deceive the search engine

noble baby’s recent move mainly concentrated in the paid links. However, this is not only to make your website to be in danger of Spam. Earlier this year, the noble baby has announced that it will increase the intensity of spam to declare war on the network. In addition to paying links, and according to the following form noble baby Spam measures:

mode7 ways of

now use the Spam way to search engine optimization is very easy to let the site in trouble, even as J. C. and Penney Forbes such big site could not escape, even as Demand Media as Adwords advertising offer put in space, will not leave his noble baby love. So from a long-term perspective, we must use a reasonable way to optimize Shanghai dragon, double friendliness for search engines and actual users.

2: according to the site – the user by finding the content they need more love your site



1: according to the search engine – because it provides users with high quality content to win the search engine in the pro gaze

paid links with other forms of Spam:


5: the famous sites of spelling errors

1: Adsense for the establishment of the site (MFA), with low quality articles

4: hidden text and hidden links


3: keyword, page full of related content

Shanghai Longfeng method

Shanghai dragon will bring three benefits:


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