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How to build and search engine friendly through the standard URL

Shanghai Longfeng flow produced in you better ranking pages, and these pages are ranked the premise is indexed by search engines.

some people may not understand these words, we should differentiate the URL and content, in the understanding of the above words, we first simply judge the search engine for repetitive content: search engine itself has a powerful database stored in the content has been captured, a judge whether the content is similar the best approach is to compare with the contents of the database to capture the contents, but by reading the "noble baby website quality guide", we find that this is a misunderstanding, to the contrary, this in the grab of technology feasibility contrast is not strong, because the content is too large. So URL analysis engine to capture search is of considerable importance, we want to make the search engine that we URL the corresponding content in the station is not repeated, the best approach is static URL, let the search engine that the website itself there are a lot of different content, for this >

Then the search engine

: a repetitive URL.

URL is a very important position in the process of Shanghai dragon, which is a basic problem of Shanghai dragon facing the ER, we in the past many articles are repeatedly referred to a point of view:

to crawl the page in the process of what happens to


please don’t ignore this point, to talk about the content you might imagine with the same. We assume that there are the following two URL


the two page generated content is the same, the former may be pseudo static, static pages may also be true, but it seems that the former is better than the latter. But that is not the case, the home page, the two URL format is easy to grab and included, most of the time we don’t have the reason? This dynamic introduction, in order to avoid the repetitive content possible. But the former this pattern as likely to produce a lot of topics, such as search engines may mistakenly think that this is just a SessionID in 888, can not be accurate judgments, the advantage of this model is not obvious.

we know that the online world more and more large, the content of the produce can be said to be almost inexhaustible, the limited resources of the search engine, they can do is as soon as possible to include new content, so that the new content in the network > is grasping a collection of content. The relationship between URL and search engine, give an example of the image, just like the relationship between your address with the courier, an accurate and easy to find the address, will greatly improve the delivery of the courier.

贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/ /888 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/.Asp Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon id=888


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