How to choose web server

is different from the past, now broadband quality is getting better and better, before online watch a video may have to wait a few minutes, and now basically can be loaded while playing. Ascend along with broadband speeds, and the mentality of the people, let a person wait for ten seconds to open the site, it is almost impossible. There are many reasons why the opening speed of the impact site, such as a web site code bloat, some specific use will slow down the site speed. But the web server is one of the key factors, the server hardware configuration is not ideal or room bandwidth is not enough, will affect the website loading speed is serious. That is, different website total major specific user groups, the web server choice as far as possible with the area where the users choose the server. For example, the site in the United States as the main customer groups of foreign trade company’s website, the server should be the first choice of servers in the United states.



stability: stable operation is the first priority of

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site open speed is very important, but the stable operation is indispensable, even more important. Because the site loading speed is slow, a moment can still be open, but if not stable on the loss. How to improve the stability of operation of the site? From the website program, two aspects of server security mustering the effort. The station site is now taking quick suggestions in order to facilitate the user maintenance update, are dynamic website technology, website data are read or written from the database. If the program is not careful personnel will leave a lot of problems, such as database screening after forgetting to turn off or when reading data caused by dead cycle and so on, will seriously slow down the site speed. When the user high concurrent access, leading to unstable operation site.

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: site open speed must be fast

for ordinary customers, the establishment of the website server depending on is not essential things, but if you want to make a high quality website, no server is not stable. Therefore, choose a suitable web host when it is necessary, therefore building experts for selection principles about hosting share.

: Interoperability must not be ignored a lot of interesting places China, so in the Internet world. Such as the need to record in the China website, if the website relates to special industries also need an administrative license, the Public Security Bureau and the Administration for Industry and Commerce of all site supervision on site. There is a distinctive place, is the interconnection, the web server only achieve interoperability can comprehensively improve the user experience of the website. Because the China between operators in order to conflicting interests or some technical factors, will lead to different customers when cross operator, slow site open speed.


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