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Study design home station enterprises seek common ground


Hello, I am Liang Lei, is closely related to the user experience and page design, page design can be said is a very important part of the user experience of the website, but many did not actually dig page design can bring what users, especially now the Internet plagiarism phenomenon in general, can be of interest to the user is often what page the unique design style, or interactive website. Imitation is possible, but not blindly copying, directly copy and paste OK. Enterprise station page design website when waking, directly copy a website template, and then slightly revised even if completed. So how to design the enterprise site? The author thinks that in the same industry website templates, we can follow the "common ground" principle, take a look at the enterprise homepage design sketches in general:

consider the question "why the user wants to access a business station?", is actually very simple, the user is mainly two kinds of service, the first is really want to buy a product, the second is about how to use the consultation. Many enterprises have installed the online chat program, but some enterprise stand to show the way to let visitors unbearable, like typical medical station, stop online consultation pop-up prompt box, each page has a deep fear of the station, the user cannot see. In fact, this window will let users very disgusted, so it is recommended to place several online consultation on the home page was the location, can be customer service QQ number or phone number, etc.. In order to facilitate the user to query you want to understand the product, it is best to have a website search function, as far as I know, many companies put the function of eliminating the station. The details of the deal and then talk about the products, how to let your users better understand the products? The most common is through product pictures and description of two kinds of carrier to display products. Size, clarity and other details so we should pay attention to product pictures, text as easy to understand.

certainly is the same industry enterprises have reference value, but not exactly the same features or services must highlight the characteristics of their products, it would be better to establish a corporate image. >

was painted by the enterprise homepage design sketches, the above also said the company stands very similar because the majority of template, the template is copied to copy the original copy is a normal thing, but plagiarism is too much, almost all the same. Web site operators only understand the user, for the sake of users, user habits. This website is objective and targeted, so also is the enterprise station, the author summarizes the essential plate home design enterprise station: product classification categories, news, product display, enterprise introduction, online consulting services etc.. This number plate which must be preserved? Enterprise the most important content is certainly a product, so the product plate is must in the home show, in addition to the product classification list and online consulting services must also be kept.


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