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That new Shanghai dragon plan how to optimize the website chain

in the chain: their name means are linked to each other in the same site content page (link your website content to your site inside pages, also known as internal links). Reasonable site empty link structure, can improve your search engine and website weight. Relative to the external links, internal links are also very important.

, 1 for web site chain optimization, we can.

SEM Lu Yuhua summed up how to optimize the website chain several points, to share with you here.

we should how the site within the chain, the problems plaguing many Shanghai Longfeng novices, following by the Lu Yuhua SEM site for everyone to explain how to optimize our website with search engine optimization guide, below I give a case with you a commentary.

by Lu Yuhua SEM to explain, sites within the chain, you like me, why in the Shanghai dragon new scheme, we need to write how to optimize the website chain? Here’s a look at how to optimize the website chain. We work together to optimize the chain within the site to interpret the meaning of.

we can look at this link structure, the picture of my site on the Internet to find, but it can be shown, our website to update the contents, search engine spiders will pass the link structure to update the content of the crawl, so the web site of the chain optimization for keywords and website ranking is very large with the help of.

two, how to optimize the website chain with search engine optimization guide

many people think that, as a new station, we are the most headache problem, how to optimize the website chain problem, for the new station, we have been troubled, as the Shanghai dragon new scheme, we are a headache, how to optimize the website chain.

everyone must have their own website! We know our website updated content, search engine spiders crawling through the link structure.

review: a scheme for the new station of Shanghai dragon, for how to optimize the website chain, there are many problems of the trouble, for a new sites, how do we implement web site chain optimization for new sites, how should we do web site chain optimization.

we can look at the screenshot, when the user after reading, you can choose to read the article according to the relevant recommendation, the chain for the website optimization is very important, because the learned Shanghai dragon friends all know, the search engine is not included in the website given outside of the three layer of things, so we enable the recommended or in the article for joining the anchor text for site within the chain is very flat, for the search engine and web site within the chain structure, are more advantages than disadvantages.

, a web site chain optimization meaning


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