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From the point of view of Google patent domain name weight influence domain name to Shanghai Dragon


in the application, the noble baby very much can be referred for search engine ranking factor, the main content is related to the analysis of historical data files.

December 31, 2003, noble baby submitted a patent in the United States Patent Office, called "information retrieval based on historical data (Original: Information retrieval based on historical data), as shown in figure ".

is proposed in the domain of weight, numerous methods to search engine optimization using a variety of the domain name weight really exist for the complicated test – after all the major search engine ranking algorithm is absolutely the core of commercial secrets, is not possible to disclose all the details to the optimization of the staff.

this application is directly related to the information about the importance of the link text as follows:

simple translation, meaning: noble baby in file scoring, and will consider the file connection domain name is valid.

in search engine optimization, the weight of the domain name is always a difficult problem in optimization problems, because the domain name weight and other external and internal optimization, and can achieve good effect in short period, but the major search engines in their ranking algorithm, the weights of the domain name "Gufen" is very heavy the.

March 31, 2005, the document published in the United States Patent Office website, as shown in figure.




has the following contents in this application in section thirty-eighth:


through a variety of tests, the final results show that the domain name weight occupies a very important position in the search engine rankings, the domain description is simple: the higher the weight, the more helpful to the ranking; under the same conditions, the higher the weight of the domain name, ranked first. This requires the search engine optimization in the choice of domain name search engine with enough caution, and pay more attention to the user experience, then the search engine optimization is not required when choosing a domain name >

in this application, there are also described issues related to the domain name server to the weight. The day before a lot of research on search engine optimization team and individual are the patent application report as the domain name weight appeared for the first time evidence.

it is the importance of links can give a link if the file is trusted, weight high? How to file the wooden body weight with a link? How fresh the linked file containing the

The initial ?Other terms


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