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How to make money from bloggingLei Jun learned three points from Ali which is the core of the suc

millet try


but, first of all, we have to understand some of the differences in the existing blog products. China blog Blogcn blog has a certain amount of user groups, but these users are often more love writing essays and other emotional words, and recommended the channel poor blog commercial utilization rate is not high. Even so, Chinese blogs and other blogs they represent are personal, strong and low – profile products that provide service only to users without using them. And Sina blog higher openness, plus the classification of the channel recommended, as well as professional comments, writers are more, covering the most content, attention is the highest, so, blog is more widely used. Some have even commented that several blogs, represented by Sina’s blog, are emerging media. Sohu’s blog is indeed adhered to its grassroots purpose, but it is just such grassroots shows its people, the whole is mediocre or even not too much for the majority of Internet users in the writers. Sohu blog status may be sandwiched between Sina blog and Chinese blog, in terms of business utilization, there is still room for development.

because today’s start-up market, 4 years ago to achieve ten billion U. s.dollars should be a great goal. I think it’s too cheap and too materialistic to say this, but I don’t want to hide it. I really think so. I think the goal of "ten billion dollars" will help us a lot.

tiger sniffing notes: today, the second China angel investors conference held in Beijing, Lei Jun’s speech theme is millet dream". He shared with you about the creation of millet, financing to successfully become a market capitalization of billions of dollars a business process.

shlf1314 released Android in 2008, and the first Android mobile phone was released in 2009. When I saw the first Android mobile phone, I saw the opportunity. I think in the smart phone industry, it will reproduce the history of PC beat Apple 30 years ago. It’s a great opportunity.

now, when we talk about blogs, we tend to think of sina blogs first, because the popularity of blogs among Chinese Internet users is largely due to the celebrity effect of sina blogs. But in fact, Sina blog in the Sina portal matrix, although it has become a traffic third channel, but its profits have been at an awkward point. Because the blog service in attracting users at the same time taking only advertising on the channel instead of advertising links in each textnote blog page, so it only depends on the specific page advertising revenue is really too small. Web2.0 blog that its advantage lies in its personalized, founder of its content is the blog author rather than any site itself, is not convenient for service providers to textnote advertising, especially as Chinese blog Blogcn blog. This means that bloggers with high click rates can use their blogs to make money on advertising without having to be harassed by service providers.

what will I do with this goal? I’m very serious about learning, researching and thinking about the history of the big gangster, such as Ma Huateng’s, like Ma Yun’s.. I really got a big deal when I thought about their entrepreneurial process, especially Ma Yun’s entrepreneurial history.

second, looking for a bunch of super reliable people.

first, we need a huge market. The success of any large company, its entrepreneurial background must be a huge market, and it is impossible to make a company without a huge market demand.

said Web2.0 products though each Internet Co won popularity but there is also difficult to achieve profitability shortcomings, especially the products of such blog how to achieve profitability is the first problem to be solved. Believe and many people have witnessed the blog for China’s Internet brought about by the new atmosphere, so that the public gradually developed the habit of writing logs on the Internet, but also makes a large number of grassroots writers familiar with the public. But some bloggers are hoping to make their own blog to earn some money also does not waste myself so hard even for the codeword creation, is to earn a little extra money anyway. Here, we come to say, use the blog to make money.

first of all, the banner and the connection bar on the main page of the blog are the preferred places for advertising. Users who are used to blogging tend to get used to clicking those too

"I’ve been doing business for more than 20 years myself. Can I start a $10 billion company with my own hands?"

good morning, everyone. I’m very glad to have this opportunity to communicate with you. I started my own business earlier and took longer. After the first company went public, I spent a full year doing angel investing. By the time I was 40, I felt I had some dreams left unfinished, so I started the millet.

in January this year, I went to Hangzhou to chat with Ma Ma for three hours. The main expression was thanks. I said I seriously consider the history of Alibaba more than 10 years of entrepreneurship, I learned from the three points, and these three points is that I am in the process of millet before summing up. I think there are three important points for Ali’s success:

third, relative to peers, there is a sum of money that will never be spent. You might say, "why do you have money that you can never spend?" money helps you see what you see and what you have the courage to do. You have the guts to try something.

I think the future of mobile phones must be software, hardware, Internet phase >

General Assembly designated the topic called "Millet Dream", I founded millet when the heart has such or such dreams, I have a very vulgar target


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