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A new algorithm to update and adjust your love in Shanghai also calm it

no matter how search engines can not recognize whether we buy links, our best is to optimize the formal, do not use this method as well, after all, is not easy to hard to do site.

if you don’t know what is love Shanghai fire please patiently observed a week to adjust for the good, can also reflect the situation of Shanghai complaints through love.


algorithm to adjust the lead to drop right third points:

a recent update, is currently a hot discussion is that "the love of Shanghai anti hyperlink algorithm", the news came out, the Internet community and the Shanghai dragon boiling, some people are happy people worry, happy people are those who do regular people, not opportunistic. The people who worry is those who use the algorithm from natural vulnerability, cheating site.

algorithm to adjust down the right the first point:

have a large number of websites related to unilateral point to your site, so the chain end is you bought, or your website experience is good, others give you the link, I believe that the search engine in this area does not necessarily have to recognize, presumably just love to deter these through the purchase of Shanghai warned link chain webmaster.

2012 is the Shanghai Dragon World turmoil years ah, this day Shanghai continuously adjust and update algorithm, each update algorithm, there will be a number of Web site is K or drop right, this year’s love Shanghai update frequency is high, the search engine ranking fluctuations are large, attracted a large number of owners complain about countless.

algorithm to adjust the lead to drop right fourth points:

love Shanghai because it is a new update algorithm, are generally may have from which we may, many people are aware that the algorithm has just been launched, it can’t be 100% perfect, will update the previous adjustment algorithm by some of the regular site, if you are this kind of false hurt good words, this is no way, the only solution is to wait until the love of Shanghai, the next update can restore your website.

external links in our general chain way: forums, blogs, business network, Q >

algorithm to adjust the lead to drop right second points:

Links belongs to the hyperlink, so the Links effect is not outside, and now Links must be a priority among priorities, upgrade algorithm proposed, not exchange links recommended, is probably the only Links we have more links to related web sites that can link the site or indecent cheating on the site, Links now focus on quality rather than quantity, so we must take this check, the low quality of the website rather than not, don’t hurt my website

for only some views in this algorithm update caused a portion of the site is down right reference:


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